Virtual coffees to bring your team together without awkward small talk.

Is your team bored of virtual coffee chats? Each month Chinwag pairs your people to play a short game. Coordinating collaboration. Encouraging engagement. Avoiding awkward silences.

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How does Chinwag bring your team together?

Each month Chinwag groups people in your team at random for a chat.

Each group gets a short game to play.

To play the game the group must chat to coordinate.

Move your people from "me, me, me" to we(eee)!

Deliver on your DEI targets

Chinwag helps you deliver on your DEI targets by connecting the diverse dots that make up the picture of your team. Foster a sense of togetherness through cooperative games played by people across the organisation.

Create an atmosphere where you're empowered to share thoughts and ideas

Chinwag Challenges foster psychological safety in your workplace. This is done by creating a space for people to express themselves as individuals. So they're seen as more than their job function or avatar.

Retention issues? Solved.

It's super hard to leave a job you love. Chinwag makes that decision up to 24% harder by making workplaces fun, and collaborative.

Boost collaborative energy across organisational silos

Chinwag pairs people across teams to play a game. They quickly discover cooperation as the magic ingredient for game success. This short term cooperation seeds a long term break down of organisational silos.

See onboarding review scores soar!

Evict impostor syndrome. Jettison first step jitters. Onboard your new people with Chinwag games, for a fun and effective way to engage with new teammates.

Brace yourself for glowing Glassdoor reviews!

You know people gush about work environments they love. Use Chinwag to help create a fun, collaborative environment and watch your glassdoor reviews inch toward 5 stars!

Frequenty asked questions

Chinwag helps in 3 key ways:

  • Chinwag breaks down silos by bringing people together from all parts of the company to play short games (e.g. Finding Fusilli). The experience serves as the foundation of future collaboration and conversation.
  • The Chinwag challenges (like Who's my human) re-enforce the human connection, making sure people aren't distilled into just an avatar and their output. Better communication, and less staff turnover.
  • The broader the communication net, the more consistent your vision and values will be across the organisation.

First up you've got to install Chinwag in Slack. Once that's done you'll create a dedicated channel for Chinwag. Anyone in that channel will be invited to participate in a game or challenge once a month.

Both games and challenges take place within Slack or at

Well, it really depends on the activity. The "get to know me as a person" challenges like Who's my human take 3 minutes per session. The games that need teamwork like Finding Fusilli take around 10 minutes per session.

Usually people play a few sessions a month. The activities are intentionally kept simple so they don't cause distraction - they just create good vibes.

Games are co-operative with 3 to 4 people in a group. Teamwork is the order of the day and teams that perform best win based on points 🏆.

Challenges usually involve the whole team. There are usually no points, but we hope that getting to know each other better will be reward enough ❤️

We are focused on building great games and challenges for teams of 16+ people. This is because we've found that's when communication starts to get difficult, and teamwork breaks down.

Connect your company with joy.